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Commercial Slush Machines

We offer the European brand leading machines by Sencotel of Spain. Our slush machine range is manufactured using high grade materials with heavy duty components which are designed to last 10+ years.

Commercial Slush Machines are popular in a variety of businesses, such as sweet shops, convenience stores, leisure outlets, restaurants, children’s play areas, schools & colleges, cafes and wine bars (where alcohol can be mixed to produce frozen cocktails).

Our Slush Machine Range

Sencotel slush machines have a market leading freezing system technology. This robust range includes the G5 compact model, a 5Ltr sized machine which is available in a twin tank option.

Most customers buy equipment opt for the larger 10 litre tanks. We offer 3 size options, GB110 1x10Ltr single tank, GB220 2x10Ltr twin tank and the GB330 3x10Ltr triple tank.

If you’ve been considering the Carpigiani Spin slush machine, Granisun Fast Freeze which features larger 12Ltr slush tanks. The Granisun has an attractive blue colour and also comes with fast freeze feature as standard. The fast freeze machines reduce the freeze time of your slush to around 40 minutes.

Looking for a special offer? Check out our slush machine bundles.

How do slush machines work?

They are all very easy to use. Our equipment has 2 settings, chilled and freeze. To make slush, simply add slush syrup and water at the correct ratio. Our Mr Slush concentrates have a ratio of 1 part syrup to 6 parts water. Turn the machine on to freeze mode and the spindle mixers will begin to rotate. Wait for between 35-60 minutes, depending on which slushie machine you have, then serve.

How many drinks will my slush puppy machine hold?

This depends on the size of your slush tanks and the size of drinks you wish to serve. For example, the most popular size is the twin 2x10Ltrs, each tank will hold 45-50 7oz sized slushies (90-100 in total). This is reduced to around 60 in total if you serve 12oz slushies For demands larger than this, our customers consider triple tank machines or multiple machines side by side.

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£1,995.00 Excluding VAT
£2,895.00 Excluding VAT
£2,595.00 Excluding VAT
£3,195.00 Excluding VAT
£1,475.00£1,775.00 Excluding VAT
£1,750.00£1,995.00 Excluding VAT
£2,595.00£2,895.00 Excluding VAT
£4,550.00 Excluding VAT

Branded Slush Machines

Sencotel G5 Slush Machine 2x5Ltrs

£1,795.00£2,095.00 Excluding VAT
£2,295.00£2,595.00 Excluding VAT
£2,895.00£3,195.00 Excluding VAT

Branded Slush Machines

Mr Slush Serving Station Bundle

£3,400.00 Excluding VAT
£2,650.00 Excluding VAT
£1,795.00£2,095.00 Excluding VAT
£2,295.00£2,595.00 Excluding VAT