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Buy a Slush Machine Bundle

Our best selling commercial slush machine offers. Slush machines for sale in a bundle to include enough free slush syrup and slush cups to pay for your slush equipment once sold.

We offer slush bundle deals on our best selling Sencotel machines, which includes models Granibeach GB and Granisun.

£1,995.00 Excluding VAT
£2,795.00 Excluding VAT
£2,050.00 Excluding VAT
£2,450.00 Excluding VAT
£2,995.00 Excluding VAT

Deals - Machine Bundles

Mr Slush Serving Station Bundle

£3,350.00 Excluding VAT
£7,250.00 Excluding VAT
£8,950.00 Excluding VAT
£8,995.00 Excluding VAT

What's the right slush machine for you? How it works is simple. We offer a bundle price which includes the slush equipment of your choice from our twin and triple tank range, with enough slush syrup and slush cups to pay for your investment once sold. Each of our slush supplies bundles contain enough slush drinks to make up to 2,000 servings depending on your portion size. Our special offer bundle includes 12 x 5Ltr tubs of premium Mr Slush concentrates (of your choice), 1,000 x 9oz (270ml) plastic slush cups and dome lids, 1,000 x 12oz (385ml) slush cups and dome lids, 2,000 strawspoons, 2 mixing jug, a premium point of sale pack and a maintenance pack / cleaning kit. If you browse our range of single and triple tank machines, you also have the option to select a bundle of your choice which will also save you money verses buying your equipment and syrups separately. Remember that when you buy a premium slush equipment from SlushCo, you will receive a quality product with on-site parts and labour warranty and life-time equipment support. If you are looking to buy a cheap slush machine, unfortunately  that's something we can't help you with. SlushCo is a premium business and we do not sell cheap goods. If you buy cheap, that's exactly what you'll get, cheap. We only sell European brand leading machines, built to the highest standards and designed to last 10 years if maintained correctly.