Slush Machine Leasing

If you are considering renting a slush machine, we offer lease rental options on our range of commercial equipment such as slush machines and coffee machines. Leasing offers many advantages which include;

✔ No up-front investment – giving you access to our slush equipment and syrups immediately.

✔ Straight forward budgeting.

✔ Reduced tax liability on your profits as lease rental payments are 100% tax deductible.

✔ Leasing allows you to preserve your working capital.

There are many benefits when you lease compared to a rental which we don’t offer. If you rent a slush machine, you will usually receive a second hand, lower quality machine and be tied into a slush syrup purchase agreement, usually at inflated prices.

Popular lease options available

Lease Rental – Title to pay at the end of term. 100% tax deductable with 21% tax relief.

Lease Purchase – No title to pay at the end of term. Not 100% tax deductable. 

Monthly costs are the same regarding which option is offered. We offer lease rental options as standard due to the tax benefits you’ll enjoy.

Profits selling slush when you lease a slush machine

Our slush solution enables you to make high profit margins of 86% selling slush. When you lease our package, you’ll receive your slush machine along with 2,000 drink (worth £3,000 at retail). All this for the cost of your first months payment. The starter pack is designed to pay for the majority of all the lease payments you’ll make.

How it works

You decide on the equipment you are interested in leasing and term of lease, 3 years being by far the most popular. We will quote your rental cost based on you or your business credentials. For example, established Ltd companies of 3 years or more, will attract a lower price than new business start-ups and or sole traders. Leasing is subject to status but we have a high success rate with lease proposals.

Set up Costs

With all commercial leasing, there is a one off set up charge which ranges between £99 – £150. However, the deposit is just 1 months payment. The most popular lease term is 36 months. The payment profile is 1 month (deposit) + 36 months. 

How easy is it getting a lease?

If your business meets the necessary criteria, it’s simple obtaining a lease. We have established close strategic relationships with some of the most flexible leasing companies in the UK. As a result we are now able to accept more challenging leasing proposals. 

What happens at the end of the lease?

When your lease is due to end, we will write to you to inform of this fact. We will not continue to take payments. Instead we will offer you a few options such as stated below;

1. Purchase the equipment title from the cost of 1 months payment plus a small admin charge (available for our syrup customers).

2. Continue to rent the equipment at 75% monthly discount.

3. Upgrade to a new machine, we will use your old machine as a part exchange and offer a discounted rate.

4. Return the equipment at our cost.

Split Payments

We may be able to consider offering you a split payment over 2 or 3 months (subject to status) if you are a Ltd company established 3+ years. Conditions are; deposit on order, balance strictly 30 (and 60) days from delivery.