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Coffee Suppliers

Our company not only specialses in commercial slush equipment, but also commercial coffee machines.

We offer a complete one stop solution, particularly in the convenience, forecourt and leisure sectors with our Ciao Coffee to Go and Mr Slush Serving Stations. We have your hot and frozen drink sales covered all year round.

Our other popular commercial coffee machines includes Coffee to Go, bean to cup machines and barista espresso machines. Visit our sister company Denby Dale Coffee Ltd to view our full coffee machine range or call us for expert advice.

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Coffee Accessories

8oz Takeaway Coffee Cups

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Coffee Accessories

12oz Takeaway Coffee Cups

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Coffee Accessories

16oz Ciao Takeaway Coffee Cups

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Coffee Accessories

Coffee Pavement Sign

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We have been coffee and coffee machine specialists for 20 years. When you buy a coffee machine from us you will have the peace of mind knowing you will be receiving premium equipment, installation, site training, warranty and after-sales support for the life-time of your machine. If you are unsure what the right machine is for you feel free to call us for advice or follow this simple guide;

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

These machines are one touch operated which have integrated coffee bean hoppers and an attached milk fridge unit. Simply fill the hoppers with coffee beans and pour fresh milk into the fridge. They come with a wide choice of hot beverage options such as espresso, long black, latte and cappuccino. Place your coffee cup under the spout and push the button to select your drink of choice. The bean to cup machine will then freshly prepare that beverage in 25 - 45 seconds (depending on the coffee type).

Bean to cup machines are popular in busy sites with a high staff turnover such as leisure sites, restaurants, hotels, cafes, deli's and also in offices. Purchased where convenience, reliability and high coffee quality is important. Popular machines include the Jura X8 and Jura Giga X3.

Interested? Learn More About Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Traditional Espresso Machines

These types of commercial coffee machines you will see in the likes of Starbucks and Cafe Nero. Offering theatre and the ability to create real coffee, this equipment type is available in a range of group option sizes (each group put simply is the number of dispensing handles available) from 1 group to 4 groups, have a separate coffee grinder and knock box. They are more hands on but after a little practice will prepare a better coffee and finer milk foam using the manual steam arm. These machines are the choice of the barista.

The grinder grinds the coffee beans, you dispense the grounds into your group handle, tamp the coffee nice and compact, place into the group head the push the automatic button shot control to dispense either espresso or a long black coffee.

You then pour milk into a foaming jug, submerse the steam wand and froth the milk for latte or cappuccino. These espresso machine produce barista quality coffees after a little practice.

Commercial espresso machines are popular in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and anywhere that excellent coffee is required. Popular brands include Rancilio, Expobar and Visacrem. Most are plumbed into a water mains and can operate from a standard 13amp plug. Whichever takes your fancy, we offer a full installation service which includes on-site training, free award winning coffee beans (starter pack) and a warranty of up to 5 years.