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Slush v Ice Cream

Slush v Ice cream

Let’s be honest here, Ice creams, and by extension, ice lollies, are always going to be the primary consumable of the summertime, but, no matter how you look at it, they’re food. Sometimes, when you’re on the verge of suffering minor heatstroke, and your skin is a distinct shade of salmon, a sticky treat isn’t […]

Slush Machines Explained

Slush Machine Freezing

The slush machine; It produces a mixture of water, sugar, flavour and colouring. Best known by its name; Slush. Always served at its ideal temperature, minus 3 degrees Celsius. A temperature that’s surely impossible? Below zero, water freezes, we should end up with a giant coloured ice cube floating in a cup, not miniscule icicles […]