Warranty Exclusions

We do not insist on messy, complicated product supply contracts being signed by our customers. However, we are a complete drinks solution specialist business that works closely with our customers to offer a comprehensive, premium quality and highly profitable frozen drinks solution.

When a branded ‘Mr Slush’ machine has been placed, along with our high impact and recognisible branding, we expect that Mr Slush syrups and branded cups always be used and purchased from us.


1. Legal perspective

The most obvious reason is that as a retailer, you are advertising a particular brand which you are not serving your customers, our Mr Slush brand. By using other products (usually a ‘cheap’ lower quality alternative), you are short changing your customer while potentially damaging our brand reputation. The legal term for this is ‘Passing off’ and we view this practice as IP infringement as you are likely breaching our registered Trademark.

2. How alternative products can effect the slush machine?

Not all slush is the same. Buying slush syrup on the cheap is false economy.  When slush concentrate and water are mixed and poured into a slush machine, the end product temperature should be approximately – 3 degrees C. As most people will know, water freezes at zero degrees. So what stops the water in the slush machine from freezing into a solid block of ice?

The sugar molecules slip between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules to prevent freezing from taking place. Too much sugar and the mix will be sloppy, too much water (or not enough sugar) and the mix will be very thick and can over-freeze. Any mix with low sugar can cause the gear motors (that you see turning your slush around in the tanks) to be put under tremendous strain, over time they will fail and this will be a costly repair. Sugar in slush is measured by its Brix content.  

Using low quality cheap slush mix can also cause your machine’s compressor to work harder, causing an overheating issue which can cause damage to wiring. Pipes can overheat, and at worst the expensive compressor could fail.

The vast majority of service support calls we receive are from the minority of customers who buy cheap slush

Sugar is the most expensive ingredient in slush concentrate, our recipes also include premium food grade ingredients. In addition to reducing the risk of damaging your machine, our high quality mixes ensures the slush drink retains its colour to the last drop and guarantees a sweet and satisfyingly tasty drink.

3. Profits 

Selling a 9oz cup at a price of £1.20, costs an average of 15p per drink (including the syrup, cup and straw) which generates 84% POR. After VAT that’s 85p cash profit per drink.Selling slush is hugely profitable, possibly the highest margin product you retail instore. We offer the best value, superior quality branded slush in the UK. Similar quality slush brands in the UK cost between £85 – £200 per case. Mr Slush costs just £60, 10p per 9oz drink

By shopping around for ‘cheap alternatives’, you may save in the region of 1-3p per drink. Increasing the profit from 85p to 87p is a small gain but the downside will probably be poor customer loyalty and repeat purchase if you’re serving a lower quality drink.

Mr Slush Cup

4. Service Support & Warranty 

It can be costly to repair issues caused by substandard product use. We will not cover such eventualities in any warranty cover.

We reserve the right to cease maintenance & support of your machine for reasons detailed in section 1, particularly if a request to return all branding and POS has been ignored. Read our warranty terms

Our loyal supplies customers enjoy peace of mind and countless benefits when working in partnership with us. We have summarised these key points and pricing below.

  • 3 years extended on-site warranty. Non customers receive 1 year warranty and may risk voiding their warranty if substandard products are used
  • Life-time equipment support. Non customer support is limited and we may refuse support if our trademark is infridged
  • Priority engineer call out. Non customers may take up to 21 working days for engineers to attend or we may refuse support if our trademark is being infridged
  • 50% discount on engineer visits beyond the warranty. Non customers pay retail price list, double the cost
  • 50% discount on spare parts. Non customers pay retail price list, double the cost
  • Branding support and POS, most of which is without charge. No branding support for non customers
  • Beverage category partnerships, insights and advice from the professionals. No category support and limited advice for non customers
  • End of lease title discount. Loyal customers pay just 1 month lease payment to purchase the equipment title, non customers pay up to 6 months or we reserve the right to collect the machine.


SUPPORT Mr Slush Consumables Customers* Non Mr Slush Customers
Warranty Term 3 Years  1 Year
Life-time Equipment Support Yes No
Engineer Call Out Response Time.       2-3 Working Days 21 Working Days
Branding Support & Point of Sale Yes – F.O.C. No
Beverage Category Support Yes – F.O.C. No
End of Title Lease Charge 1 Month Lease Payment Charge 6 Months Charge


PRICE LIST Mr Slush Consumables Customers* Non Mr Slush Customers
Service Call Out (30 minutes on-site) £0 – (Beyond the warranty £150) £300
Engineer labour charge / Qtr Hour £0 (Beyond Warranty £25) £50
Engineer call out response target time 2-3 Working Days 21 Working Days
Spare Parts Beyond Warranty Trade Cost Price Retail Price
Compressor £250 £500
Motor Gearbox £0 – (Beyond the warranty £175) £350
Slush Tanks £135 £270
Spiral £50 £100
Tank Rear Gasket Seal £25 £50
Handles, Tap Bungs & Adjitator Seals £10 £20
Other Items & Services Trade Cost Price Retail Price
* prices may vary depending on product usage, we would expect 8 cases of slush and associated cups per annum which is less than our customers average usage. 

Take home message;

Saving a penny or 2 a drink on such a high margin product is false economy. The risks include ‘passing off’ trademark infringements, serving a lower quality drink and lower repeat sales, putting the slush machine under duress which can be expensive to repair, reduced term or no warranty, limited or no support, expensive parts replacements, expensive engineer call outs (if we agree to send one), no branding support (we will request any and all branding sent be returned) and if leased, we reserve the right to collect the machine at the end of the term or will offer a more expensive title settlement.

We build and maintain excellent working relationships with our customers and work closely with them with the aim to develop and grow their beverage category whilst giving a second to non support service.