We we offer a unique and highly profitable drinks solution, specifically within the convenience and forecourt sectors.


A complete, one stop shop solution for the two largest selling drink categories within retail outlets, slush and coffee.


We are specialists in both categories, with close to 20 years expertise, we are uniquely positioned in this market with our all inclusive combined solution.


Our retailer customers are enjoying incremental profits in excess of £20,000 each year and making 86% POR selling coffee and slush.


The retailer retains all of their profits and owns the equipment at the end of any leasing agreement.


Start making profits when you sell just 5 or 6 drinks each day.



Why are symbol retailers choosing our solution?


✔ We offer a complete solution, one stop shop for coffee and slush

✔ Maximising in the huge coffee to go market growth

✔ Our complete serving station is just 1 metre wide, ideal for retail bays

✔ High impact and eye catching

✔ Savings of 30% or more on our premium slush supplies

✔ Our range includes Mr Slush Traditional, Mr Slush 99% Fruit, Mr Slush Sugar Free & Mr Slushed Cocktails



What is the cost and how much sales will it generate?


Selling a 12oz Mr Slush Drink at £1.50

The net profit is £1.05. 25p is VAT and 20p product cost (syrup, slush cup and straw-spoon). 


Selling a 12oz Ciao Coffee Drink at £1.75

The net profit is £1.26. 29p is VAT and 20p product cost (average cost of coffee beans, coffee cup, sip lid, freeze dried milk and sugar). 


Retailers selling just 19 of each drinks daily are enjoying incremental net profits of £16,000 (after VAT and product costs). 


The Ciao bean to cup coffee machines come with a choice of hot beverage options which are easy to operate and fully self service. Featuring fresh coffee beans and 2 canisters for hot chocolate and freeze dried milk granules.



Here's what you'll receive;


Combi Drinks Slush and Coffee

2x10Ltr Sencotel branded slush machine

Mr Slush branded serving station (50cm wide)

2,000 drinks bundle - Worth £3,000

Drinks bundle includes 12x5Ltr Mr Slush syrups 

Either 2,000 branded slush cups + dome lids 

Slush straw spoons x 2,000

Novelty cup pack including Twister Cups and Slush Yards

Poster Pack

Window Sticker

Window Flag

Mr Slush Pavement Stand (optional)

3 years warranty + lifetime equipment support.


Ciao Bean to Cup machine

Delivery, installation and training

Ciao Coffee branded serving station (50cm wide)

2,000 drinks bundle - Worth £3,500

20 x 500g award winning espresso beans - 1,500 coffees

1,000 Fairtrade Organic teas

10 x 1Kg premium chocolate - 500 hot chocolate drinks 

Freeze dried milk - 500 servings

2,000 'Ciao' branded takeaway coffee cups

2,000 Sip Lids

2,000 Fairtrade sugar sticks

2,000 wooden stirrers

Ciao Point of Sale Pack

1 Year Warranty + Lifetime equipment support


Order your complete Combi Drinks Serving Station today and start generating healthy profits within 2 weeks.


Outright Purchase - £8,850 + VAT

60 Month Lease - £199 + VAT (£6.54 per day)


Start making profits selling a total of just 5 or 6 drinks each day