Here is our summarised hot tips to keep your slush machine running correctly and trouble free.

Follow our simple 8 rules which will reduce unnecessary slush machine issues and snags. Failure to do follow these simple practices causes 95% of all service calls we receive and are avoidable.

Day to day operation

  • Keep 15cm of space around your slush machine so that the air can be drawn in and exhaled. This will ensure your machine freezes efficiently.
  • Always keep your slush tanks half full whenever possible. If the slush mix gets too low, it may over-freeze. You also run the risk of breaking the slush handle when too much pressure is applied, trying to extract the last few drops of slush. You can continue to to up your machine through the day with limited impact on its operation. For example, if you top up the tanks when half full, the freeze time is reduced to 20 minutes.
  • Dispensing slush using the handles. Do not apply too much pressure on the handles when serving the slush. If you pull down with too much force (particularly when the slush mix is low), they may break. They are designed to do this to protect the tank. The handles should last for the lifetime of the machine if operated correctly.
  • Ratio’s. Always ensure the ratio with syrup to water is correct. Too much water and the mix may over freeze, too much syrup and the mix will struggle to freeze.

Night time

  • Always switch the machine into night mode at the end of the trading day, also known as chilled mode. Ensure the spirals continue to rotate throughout the night. Simply switching off the machine can cause un-defrosted chunks of ice to be present in the morning. When you then engage the machine, the plastic spirals will make contact with the ice and break.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Clean your machine every week. Remove the slush tanks, spiral and seals. Wash in warm soapy water and thoroughly rinse.
  • Lubricate your seals every week during the clean. This can be done while cleaning your machine. Rub slush lube using your finger pads on all surface areas of each seal. This includes the tap plunger seal, beater seal and rear tank seal
  • Remove the left hand side panel and brush or vac away the dust that collects on the condenser grill. This will improve airflow. Removing the dust layer that blocks air entering through the condenser, ensuring your machine freezes efficiently.

Plastic parts are designed to last for the lifetime of your machine. Rubber seals on the other hand are wear and tear items and should be replaced annually. As plastic parts and wear and tear items are not covered by any warranty, following these tips will reduce the need to replace them unnecessary.

Click the link below for more information and instructions on cleaning and maintaining your slush machine.