Slush and Ciao Coffee To Go

Mr Slush and Ciao Equipment

We are the brand owners of Mr Slush™ and Ciao Coffee™ and our parent company, Denby Drinks Company, has been supplying the UK with high quality, award winning coffees since 2000. We offer a unique opportunity to source all your premium frozen and hot beverages from a single supplier.

With a current wide range of 50 commercial coffee machine packages available, we now introduce our Ciao Coffee to Go Serving Station. The immediate impact on our customers’ coffee sales when placing has been staggering, with many reporting an immediate sales increase of +400% compared to their current solution.

What makes us different?

✔ You, the retailer retain all of the profits 
✔ POR in the region of 86%
✔ You have control of your selling price, the average 12oz drink size being £1.50 – £1.75
✔ You can sell coffee at just £1.00 and still enjoy 40% P.O.R.
✔ You own the equipment at the end of the lease term

Our serving stations offer 14 drink selections at the touch of a button. In addition to the popular coffee options, Cappuccino and Latte, our Ciao Coffee™ machines also offer additional drink options; such as Espresso, Espresso Choc, Hot Chocolate, Macchiato and hot water for Tea.

Slush and Coffee To Go in Shops

Our Ciao Coffee to Go Stations are suited to convenience stores, forecourts and leisure outlets.

Selling a premium bean to cup coffee is very profitable, with margins in the region of 86% POR. A 12oz drink costs in the region of 20p to prepare and has a recommended retail price of £1.50 – £1.75.

You can lease our Ciao Coffee to Go Station for as little as £6.50 + VAT per day. Makes a profit selling just 4 drinks each day at £1.75.

Plus to sweeten the opportunity further, we also include 4,000 drinks at no extra cost. Worth £6,000 – £7,000 when sold.

If you sell just 19 hot drinks each day, that will deliver your business over £8,500 NET PROFITS (after VAT) and product costs are deducted) with the added benefit that we specialise in both slush and coffee systems in the convenience and leisure sector, we also can offer you a bespoke solution from a one stop shop supplier. We offer a complete on-site parts and labour warranty.

For retail customers, we offer a unique planogrammed 1 metre wide, complete frozen and hot drinks station solution. High impact and eye catching, this gives you the opportunity to serve a complete range of drinks particularly where store space is a challenge.

Each module unit is just 50cm wide and can be purchased individually.

Fully customised to suit each retailers needs, start earning profits when you sell just 5 drinks each day. Selling just 15 coffee and slush drinks each day @£1.50 will generate £16,400 revenue, or over £9,000 net profits after VAT, product costs and lease costs.

Contact us for more details and to demonstrate how we can add thousands to your businesses profits.

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