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SlushCo supplies the highest quality slush syrup for your slushie machine, ensuring your slush drinks keep the flavour and colour down to the last drop. Manufactured using 100% British sugar and using only premium grade ingredients. Our process includes the concentrate mix being pasteurised at high temperature and homogenised at high pressure which delivers a superior quality unsurpassed. Click Here to learn more about our manufacturing process. 

We sell a wide range of slush syrup concentrates

Our Mr Slush syrup flavour range is extensive. From the popular Blue Raspberry and Strawberry to recent and exciting flavours; Sour Apple, Tropical and Orange. We regularly add new exciting flavours, our most recent being Cotton Candy and American Grape. Available to order online for next day delivery. All our slush concentrates have a ratio to water of 6:1. That's 6 parts water to 1 part syrup.

Our customers sell millions of Mr Slush drinks each year driven by our high impact branding Mr Slush and 'Mr Slushed'. We believe our brand now communicates the quality of our slushie products being sold.

We offer a wide range of sales support material such as window flags, pavement signs, posters and window decals. Optional free slush machine branding is also available upon request.

This section offers full cases of 4x5Ltr syrups, either one flavour or mixed cases. We also offer half cases (2x5Ltr) options plus special offer deals on larger quantities or bundles. You can also buy half and full pallets of slush at discounted prices.

How easy is it to make a slushie drink? The answer is simple. Simply add your slush concentrate into the slush tank then add 6 times the volume of water. Make sure the slush mix doesn't exceed the maximum fill line on the tanks Turn the machine onto freeze mode and your slush will be ready in 30-60 minutes (depending on which machine you are using). Serve and enjoy your profits. Selling slush drinks is very profitable and retailers can make thousands of pounds every year if they offer a good quality product, made using a quality slushie maker. For example, selling a 7oz slush drink will cost you just 13p (including the syrup, branded slush cup and straw). The average sale price for a branded slush drink this size is 85p - £1.00. More examples detailed below:

Cup Size Drinks per Case Cost per Cup Branded Sell Price
7oz - 200ml 700 13p 85p - £1.00
9oz - 270ml 520 16p £1.00 - £1.20
10oz - 300ml 475 18p £1.00 - £1.25
12oz - 385ml 375 21p £1.25 - £1.50
16oz - 480ml 300 27p £1.50 - £1.95

1. The best syrups in the UK?

We don't know of a slush company that doesn't use this claim. All we can say is that our customers always tell us so. Even the retailers who used to use Slush Puppie and have switch to us. Our retailers sell millions of our slush drinks every year. We know our range is of the highest quality because our manufacture process is state of the art and we use only premium grade ingredients and real sugar. Sugar is an expensive commodity and a key component of any good concentrate. We do not use sugar synthetics or sweeteners to cut costs.

2. Is Mr. Slush your brand?

Yes. It's been taking the UK by storm since launched. We have been selling slush for 20 years and we know what we're doing. We distribute our slush all over Europe and beyond and have exclusive overseas distributorS. Mr. Slush is a Trademarked brand and is available in 30 tasty flavours. Check out our other slush ranges - 99% Fruit, Sugar Free and Mr Slushed Cocktails.

3. Do your syrups work in any slush machine?

Yes. They are suitable for all machines. However we have been aware in the past that some branded Slush Puppie Machines have product sensors that detects other branded syrups and will not operate. You will need to check this with the user manual. If you have a machine and contract supplied by Slush Puppie, you should not be considering an alternative slush concentrate.

4. How quickly do you deliver and is delivery free?

We dispatch all our goods on the same day as receipt of payment if completed by 2.30pm (1pm for slush machines). Deliveries are EXPRESS next day Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6pm. Delivery is free if you spend just £100 + VAT or more.

5. Can I get a better price?

Yes you can. We offer ways to save on your slush purchases. You may wish to consider our slush bundle deals, offering a discount if you buy slushie syrup and cups at the same time. If your able to hold some stock and have good sales, have a look at our half pallet and pallet deals. We offer large savings here.

Finally, if you buy on-line, you will automatically be awarded loyally reward points which can be redeemed on future purchases where a discount will be deducted.