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Dinkum Shmoo Milkshake Makers

When you buy a milkshake machine starter kit, you will receive everything you need to sell premium milkshakes - and get your investment back. Each kit comes with a commercial blender, 3 tubs of Shmoo milkshakes, enough branded cups with dome lids to serve all the shakes, toppings and high quality point of sale to let your customers know your are selling a premium branded milkshake brand. When you buy replacement milkshake tubs, you also have the choice of 12oz or 20oz branded P.E.T. cups and domed lids plus straws - at no extra cost.

Making Shmoo milkshakes is easy;

1. Pour chilled milk up to the line on each milkshake branded cup

2. Add a scoop of milkshake mix

3. Place onto the Dinkum blender for 20-30 seconds

4. Add optional Dinkum toppings and a dome lid then serve

Buy your Dinkum Shmoo milkshakes online from SlushCo and you will receive your order next working day.