Loyalty Points

At SlushCo, we want to reward you for buying your slush products online with us and give you something back!

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple! As soon as you make a purchase online, SlushCo loyalty reward points are automatically calculated and added to your order. You can see how many points you’ll earn for each product on its detail page, you’ll also see a summary of your points during checking out.

  • Earn points on each and every product you purchase!

  • Currently for every £1 you spend online, you will earn 1 point

  • Each point you earn equates to £0.01

  • Your points will become active 7 days after we have despatched your order

  • Your points will be valid for 365 days after that period

  • Sign up to our email newsletter at the foot of this page to get notifications of Double and Tripe Points promotions

  • If for any reason you return your goods, those earned points will be removed from your account

Can I earn additional loyalty points?

Yes. You can extra reward points in many ways such as;

  • Refer a page to a friend and you’ll receive points if they make an online purchase

  • Sign up to our newsletter – 50 points will be awarded. You’ll also be notfied of our double and triple point promotions

  • Tweet about us – 25 points, like us on Facebook – 25 points, share a Facebook link – 25 points, Google + us – 25 points

  • Write a product review – 25 points