Fake Slush Machines

Cheap fake slush machines made in China and often being sold in the UK as genuine European models, have flooded the market in recents years. Chinese machines are all very well and good, if you know you are buying Chinese and understand these are substandard in manufacture, use poor quality components and are made to the lowest price point possible. Funnily enough, slush machine sellers in the UK do not mention their origins.

These fakes (i.e. cosmetic copies of genuine European brands), cost as little as £450 at trade from China, which is probably what they are worth. So when you pay £1,000+ for one, you are not getting a bargain and you’re at risk of wasting your money. UK sellers selling fakes are simply box movers and not profession slush specialists.

We would all agree it’s not acceptable for a company to manufacture cheap trainers, to look an identicle twin of Adidas for example, well this is what’s happening with slush machines.

We urge you to be vigilant when choosing your slush machine. If you are informed you are buying a non European branded slush machine, and you are happy with that to save money, fair enough. Be advised however that these machines don’t offer the same build and performance quality, won’t last anywhere near as long and back up can be an issue. Our point here is to ensure UK customers are buying what what they are believed to be buying.

You will enjoy large profits when you sell slush and will probably have your slush machine paid for in just a few weeks when buying a premium machine. Selling just 25 slush drinks per day over a 9 month period, will generate you net profits of £5,000 (and that’s after product costs and VAT is deducted).

$600 = £475. UK sell price = £1,400 – £1,500! This is a Carpigiani Spin and Sencotel Granisun copy. AVOID

$710 = £575. UK Sell price £800-£1,300! This is a Ugolini copy. AVOID.

$600 – $800 = £450 – £700. UK sell price – £900 – £1650. This is a Ugolini copy. AVOID.

$880 = £700. UK sell price £1,250 – £1,800. Ugolini fake. AVOID.