If you own a sweet shop, newsagent or chip shop, the chances are you are now considering switching your slush machine off for 3 Months. In principle that's fine as most of our slush customers have already enjoyed the huge profits achieved for the majority of the year.


In a recent survey we conducted with 53 of our customers, the conclusion was that the average revenue slush machines and slush syrups added to the business sales were very good; with weekly average sales (based on 6 days trading) was 264 slushy drinks, £211.20 turnover and £180 profit.


In effect the average profit made from a slush machine being almost £800 per Month. Multiply this figure for the season and it demonstrates the importance to many businesses bottom line. With an average of just over 2 Month it takes our customers to recoup their slush machine investment, most sites are happy to enjoy the 9 Months year after year.


But did you know that quality slush machines can be adapted for usage all year round in many cases? They are capable of serving such products as fruit juice, cordials, smoothies, thick shakes, frappe and if your business is licensed, the biggest profit generator is selling alcoholic cocktails by simply using a cocktail slush syrup such as Margarita and adding tequila.


Margins get serious with these types of drinks, our bar groups tell us they make over £4.00 per cocktail. Buying a premium quality slush machine, such as Ugolini or Electrofeeze, which both offer faster freezing than cheap and cheerful slush equipment such as imported machines.


The brands also offer chilled and freeze modes on each independent barrel, so one barrel can be churning out slush, the other a thick shake. If you buy a slush machine bundle from SlushCo, we will include enough slush syrup and slush cups to pay for your machine.