Free on Loan Slush Machines

Our Free on Loan slush machine solution allows leisure retailers to enjoy 75% POR selling Mr Slush.

Selling slush is very profitable. Demand for frozen iced slush drinks is huge and margins for retailers are generous, to say the least. The UK market continues to grow aggressively as slush drinks are now seen as a must have in many business sectors.

Free on loan is an arrangement between a ‘supplier’ and ‘retailer’ in which the ‘supplier’ will provide the ‘retailer’ a commercial slush machine and branding solution without charge and in return, the ‘retailer’ purchases all their associated slush supplies from the ‘supplier’.

Free on loan benefits for the retailer

✔  No capital equipment outlay. Keep your cash in your business. Deposit and initial order will be required

✔  Sensible minimum required volumes. Accessible 

✔  Service support to keep your equipment running trouble free

Why Mr Slush?

✔  Established 20 years, millions of Mr Slush drinks are consumed each year

✔  Our frozen ice slush drinks are the best tasting. That’s our promise to you

✔  Our retailers enjoy the highest margins. A minimum of 75% POR

✔  Huge range of Mr Slush flavours to choose from, including our traditional range, Sugar Free and 99% Fruit

✔  Reasonable minimum volume to qualify

How it works

If your business is capable or already has slush sales exceeding 25 drinks each day, you may qualify for a free on loan slush machine solution.

We will offer you either a brand new twin tank 2x10L, or triple tank 3x10L slush machine, based on your slush sales demand. Multiple machines can also be considered for suitable sites. 

Our commitment

✔  Simple application process

✔  You’ll receive a premium brand new, reliable slush machine 

✔  Fully branded solution with eye catching point of sale

✔  Fast next working day supplies deliveries

✔  Warranty for the duration of your agreement

Your commitment

✔  purchase all your slush supplies exclusively from Mr Slush

✔  Have a daily demand for at least 25 slush drinks each day

✔  Keep your free on loan slush machine clean and hygienic

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Preference may be giving to established businesses, leisure sites and outlets based within 50 miles of Yorkshire.