Why have we joined Google Plus? Well it's a great way to keep in touch with our customers and followers. Google plus to us, is a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest rolled into one.


With many features we have found useful, we believe it's a great way to communicate, quickly, news about our business, the slush market in general and even light hearted updates.


To find is, either click the links below or visit google plus and simply search SlushCo.


We ofcourse, have a large presense on Facebook, with 6,000+ followers between our 2 pages 'SlushCo' and 'Mr Slush'. 


Our Youtube pages allow you to view machine demos and useful guides.


Looking at our SlushCo business, we've had an interesting year, with our customers reporting their slush sales up significantly which is pleasing if you consider the poor summer we had with extreme weather and not much sun.


It goes to demonstrate that selling cold drinks is not just a 6 month season oportunity for our customers. Even our slush machine customers often purchase syrups all year round while others only park their slush machine for 2 or 3 months in the year.


So check out our Google profile and keep up to date with trends and sales oportunities to maximise your cold drink sales, be it slush, milkshake or even ice cream.


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