Selling slush is big business in the UK and the market selling second hand slush machines is worth millions.


So what are we doing about it here at SlushCo? The answer is NOTHING! But why? Isn't operating a business all about the bucks? Not to us it isn't.


There are good reasons why we don't get involved in this low end market.


1. First of all, when we sell one of our slush machines, we don't ever see it again. It lasts for years, more than 10 on average and our customers are making too much money using it that they are not prepared to let it go.


Also, when our machines are onsite, our customers have the confidence knowing that we will maintain their machine if and when required for its lifetime. Well beyond the warranty period has ended.


2. We're a high end, low margin business. Yes we'd sell more machines going cheap, but that's not what we're all about. We love quality and we love slush so our current business model is a match made in heaven.


The long and short is that buying second hand is a gamble. You will save a few pounds, a few hundred maybe verses a premium new machine, but this saving could well be eroded if and when your cheap slush machine breaks down and you start to lose sales. 


Did you know that if you're selling just 25 slushies per day at £1.20 and your machine breaks down, you'll lose £30 in takings each and every day. That's £210 per week.


The other side of low end slush machine sales spectrum is importing new machines from China, and selling them on at what looks like amazing prices. A twin tank for example at between £800-£1,400.


Not such a great deal for the customer however when they break down and parts and engineers are hard to come by.


Also, these so called cheap slush machines from China, cost as little as £400, so when being sold for over £1,000, the deal doesn't seem quite so sweet for the customer. Many are also fake copies of genuine European brands. Learn more about that here.