Tis the season of our discontent but soon it will depart

And with that brings a brand new spring for Slush drinks in the park

With many flavours new and old and lots for you to try

And machines that are bright and bold; just right to catch the eye.


The syrups are to die for and the taste is pure devine

So many ones to choose from, I’ll be here till Christmas time.

I’m not sure what’s my favourite slush; but I’d love to hear what’s yours.

I’m going to work through the whole range and I guess you will – of course.


The cocktail ones are good fun too with new Pina Colada,

blended with rum for frozen fun, makes choosing even harder.

They've everything you need to start, from straws to drinking cups

They've got the best, forget the rest of other slushy pups.


We started Slush ten years ago, determined to prevail.

And become Market champions from HQ Denby Dale.

So why not do what I did and just contact Slush Co team

And see if you agree that they've the best Slush drink machines.