We are a progressive slush company, leading the way when it comes to new product launches and innovation.


Over the last 10 years we have been the first to market with a range of new ideas and products, all designed to help our slush retails lead the way, be competative and sell even more slush drinks.


Pre 2013, our company has either been the first or one of the first to launch Frozen Cocktails and 99% Fruit Slush. We are now a market leading brand for both. 


Let's take a look back over the last 3 years at our top 3 initiatives each year, many of which have now been followed by some other slush businesses, albeit a year or 2 later.



Feb - Slush Club Introduction

March - Mr Slush 99% Fruit re-brand, a range we have been selling 9 years

Dec - Branded Novelty Cups



May - Bursting Bubbles*

June - Slush Smoothies*

Dec - Mr Slush 1Ltr Retail Packs*



Jan - Slush Bus*

Feb - Slush Branded Counter Stands

April - Sugar Free Slush


* We are the only slush business offering this product.


So looking ahead at 2016, what innitiatives and NPD are we launching into the market? We're not going to give too much away about what's coming over the next few months, but.....


As of February so far we have;

1. Launched a slush syrup range using Fair Trade Sugar in the manufacture process. A first globally.

2. Launched alcohol based bursting bubbles for our frozen cocktails Mr Slushed range. Available in White Rum, Brown Rum, Vodka, Tequila and Whiskey.

3. Launched a joint initiative within the symbol convenience sector, high impact branded slush and coffee counter stand units, in partnership with our award winning sister coffee company, Denby Dale Coffee. 

Slush and Coffee Pods

Keep up to date with new launches coming up by checking back in to our blog.