We've seen the trend gather pace now over the last 2 years, forward thinking businesses introducing the concept of selling alcoholic slush cocktails and making huge margins in doing so.


With our customers averaging a sell price of £5.00 per cocktail (and some charging as much as £8.50), the margin opportunity tends to be much more attractive than most other drink categories.


Premium frozen cocktails cost around 50p - 90p depending how many shots are served. The slush syrup itself will cost less than 10p.


How it works is simple. You'll require a good quality slush machine, cheap imported machines from the far east, should be avoided. Most are not suitable and will be unable to freeze alcohol. Then into each slush tank, you simply add water, the alcohol of your choice and a good quality cocktail slush syrup mix such as Strawberry Daiquiri or Margarita.


Premium slush machines with decent freezing systems, will have your slushy cocktail mixed and ready to serve in around an hour or less. The Sencotel Granisun Slush Machines boasts larger 12Ltr tanks and fast freeze technology.


Our slush machines offer the benifit of also being multi-use. Not only are they used for cocktails (alcoholic or non alcoholic) but also normal slush puppy style slushies, thickshakes and cordial drinks, albeit slushies are by far the most popular option, and the product that will reap the biggest profits.


Our slush equipment solution is used in a wide variety of retail outlets. Cocktails machines in bars, pubs, restaurants and some hotels. For slush drinks, convenience stores, post offices, sweet shops, leisure outlets, cafes and family pubs are popular.


So what cocktails types and flavours can be made? Well, the choice is almost unlimited. The popular choices include Margarita, Strawberry DaIquiri, Mojito Pina Colada and Energy which has a taste amazingly just like Red Bull. There is also a Neutral base syrup which is flavourless but allows you to create your own recepies.


Making your frozen cocktail product is simple. Just mix 4 parts water, 1 part cocktail syrup and 1 part alcohol such as vodka, rum or tequila etc. The ratios can vary slightly depending on the brand and strength of the alcohol but once you get the exact perfected mix, make a note of it and keep using that ratio.


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