A slushie or two will improve your day.


SlushCo provided CH5 Celebrity Big Brother with a slush machine and our famous slush syrups for their 'Brain Freeze' task. Read all about it here. So a slushie will imrove a celebs day.


This is certainly true, but, as you watch the great winter sports medal winners in Sochi, or wonder which actress might be awarded an Oscar, it’s time for a much more important set of awards to be made.


For the first time ever, people can be properly rewarded for their terrific achievements (and improving all our days) by being the initial winner of one of our entirely imaginary awards of a tasty and popular cold drink for a cool performance. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the 2014 “Slushies”!


Andy Murray

There can surely be one winner who would truly appreciate a regular slushie. When you work most of the year in bright sunshine, have to both run around and thwack a ball with your racket for hours on end, then you surely deserve a long cool one. So, step forward Mr Andrew Barron Murray of Dunblane (almost sounds like a title already). Oh, by the way, in case you didn’t notice – he also won at Wimbledon – so, obviously, it’s a strawberry slushie for him. Mind you, as a Scots lad, he might just opt for a tasty Iron Brew!


Felonious Gru

It’s just possible that a few adults might need educating about our next nominee. His journey from evil super-villain to devoted father might have earned him a nomination in earlier years. Now, added to this life-change, he has also saved the world from the evil intentions of El Macho, and found love with Lucy (If you are still staring blankly at this – hint: Despicable Me 2). As a part of the movie’s final scenes involved purple paint, it might be a toss-up between Sour Cherry or Kola Cube flavours for his award.

Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis

Apparently, it’s now against the law not to include One Direction in any series of nominations! It has to be said though that the boys have done rather well. Does anyone even remember now that they only finished third in their attempt to win X-Factor? They’ve won awards at the Brits, NME, Kids’ Choice, MTV Video Music Awards and much more. Did you know that Niall was in his school choir, Zayn is engaged to Perrie from Little Mix, Liam has performed at a Wolves football match, and Louis was once a waiter at Doncaster Rovers? Harry is so quiet and shy that nothing much is known about him. With a dozen glorious slushie flavours to choose from, I’m sure each of the boys would find one perfect for them.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

How could we possibly not include Kate? You might well have noticed that, on 22nd July 2013, she presented George Alexander Louis to the waiting world. You could have celebrated the event by purchasing a “Hooray for George” mug, a tee-shirt bearing a royal pram decorated with a Union Flag, a Royal Baby Biscuit Tin, and more teddy bears than you could ever fit into one picnic. Let’s hope the young one enjoys his first slushie before too long!

The Doctor

Yes – that one. After fifty years of saving us, and the rest of the universe, from a host of nasties, could we honestly say that anyone is more deserving of a “feet-up, sit back, have a relaxing slushie” moment? In fact, we’ve just worked out we have enough different flavours to offer one to each of his incarnations! For some of his main adversaries, we would probably have to come up with some new slush syrup choices. Maybe a “lubricating oil” flavour for the Cybermen, or a mix of small ants whipped up with a dozen yolks for the Daleks (eggstermitate – sorry). The Weeping Angels will just have to serve themselves when we’re not looking!

Now, it’s your turn

We’ve actually managed five suggestions without mentioning Ant or Dec; or even a single politician, celebrity chef or star baker. So, over to you. Do you agree with our choices for 2013? If not, let us know who you would most like to offer a cool and refreshing slushie to - and why. This person or group could be famous or known only to their family or friends. Please share your ideas or stories with us all on Google+Twitter or Facebook...