As 2013 closes, it has been reported to have been the most successful year in the history of Dinkum.


With sales yet again surpassing expectations, the decision to improve the packaging of the Shmoo range was taken in early Autumn. The packaging has been designed to improve the user experience with easy to open and store milkshake tubs.


The story of Dinkum began nearly 20 years ago when two friends and milkshake fanatics were frustrated at the poor quality of shakes available in the UK. One of the friends had lived in Australia and realised the quality of milkshake was far better there.


A couple of Months later, these friends (now directors at Dinkum Products Ltd) began to establish a premium brand of shakes which have since proved one of the best selling brands in the UK.


Shmoo Milkshake is available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla. Dinkum also offers Cappuccino Cool (a coffee based shake) and Iglooh which is a base product with which you can be creative and add a range of flavours and products. When mixed correctly, Shmoo is low in sugar, 99% fat free, contains calcium, has no artificial colours or sweeteners, is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free.


So when you buy Shmoo milkshakes by Dinkum, how profitable is it to sell shakes? The answer is very profitable. For example, the 12oz cup size will cost you around 37p which includes the shmoo milkshake mix, branded cup and domed lid, straw and even the milk. The average sell price for this size is £1.25 - £1.75.



Making Shmoo shakes is easy. You'll need a Dinkum spindle blender and the Shmoo mixes, plus chilled fresh milk.



1. Pour the fresh milk into the Shmoo branded milkshake cup, up to the black line.


2. Add a scoop of Shmoo mix, whichever flavour you require.


3. Place in the spindle for 25-35 seconds


4. Add optional squiry cream and toppings to taste


5. Serve and listen to your till ringing


Dinkum shmoo milkshakes