Jura X3 Bean to Cup Machine

But what's the difference?


Commercial espresso machines (equipment to will see in Costa or Starbucks), are a hands on and theatrical. These machines are available in different group size options from 1 group to 4 groups, i.e. each group head has a dedicated group handle in which up to two espressos or coffee can be dispensed.


Espresso machines will also be sited with a coffee grinder and the operator or barista makes each beverage from the bean stage, foams the milk and serves each drink, often with an air of presentation which we call latte art or milk art.


Bean to cup machines are still fresh coffee bean and milk based, however the operator simply selects the drink of choice by pushing a single button, the coffee machine then does the rest and is capable of producing a wide range of drinks such as espresso, long black, cappuccino and latte.


Denby Dale Coffee Ltd is a business also dedicated to premium quality coffee beans and is proud of the 2 award winning espresso bean blends it sells. Our Ciao coffee beans are sourced from the finest coffee plantations around the globe and offers a front of house branding range such as table menus, counter cards, branded crockery and small display posters.