It's a chilly January day in the Celebrity Big Brother house, so is there a better time for the house mates to be indulged in a series of ice based tasks? Notably the 'Brain Freezer' task, part of a series of challenges for the house mates to complete and to pass.


We were pleased here at SlushCo to be invited to supply the slush machine and slush syrup for this task. We've since supplied our slush equipment a few times. So what was the task and how did Lee, Casey, Dappy, Luisa and Linda do?


The huskies housemates downed iced slush shots and answered Arctic themed questions. To pass, Linda had to answer each question correctly and the huskies had to drink the correct answer in ice cold slush shots. If completed, the house mates would win at least an extra 30 seconds in the final end game the day after.




The questions:


1. The arctic is one part of how many poles on the earth?


Answer 2 - Correct. 2 Slush shots downed. No problems here but Lee is starting to struggle already.


2. A polar bear has how many legs?


Answer 4 - Correct. 4 shots downed. Luisa, Dappy and Casey all seem to be enjoying the shots, cleaning out the shot glasses with their fingers. Lee can't finish them Brain freeze has him and he's rather vocal about it.


3. How many letters in the word 'Arctic'?


Answer 6 - Correct. 6 shots downed. The girls are troopers and even look to be enjoying the slushies, even if Luisa chokes a little. But what's Lee doing? Holding his head and watching, tears in his eyes. Brain freeze has already kicked in.



Luisa drinking the Blue Raspberry Slush and seemed to enjoy the task the most, taking every last drop


   CBB Drinking Slush

Cool Dappy with his Lemon & Lime shot and appears immune to the freeze



Lee Ryan struggles to keep up with the shots. Brain freeze kicks in after just 2 or 3. Emma Willis later easily managed 5 on 'Bit on the side'



Casey can't keep her eyes off the slush but gets on with the task in hand


The task was passed as Casey, Dappy and Luisa consumed all the shots and the task was passed adding 50 seconds to the final part of the task the next day. Well done guys.