Having a wide choice of slush puppy syrup flavours is an important consideration when choosing a slush supplier.


Albeit the best selling slush machine size sold in the UK is a twin tank, holding 2 flavours at any one time, it's a good idea to mix things up from time to time, offering your customers a variety of flavours.


So what are our best selling slush syrup flavours? Well we've looked at 2011 and 2012 combined, which reflects a true level of sales performance over a longer 2 season period.


We offer a range of 15 flavours on our standard range, 25 if you include special manufacture production runs. Our list below however concentrates on our top 10 best sellers. Flavours beyong these have a sales performance that are similar.


1. Blue Raspberry

2. Strawberry

3. Lemon & Lime

4. Sour Apple

5. Pink Bubblegum

6. Orange & Mango

7. Mixed Fruit

8. Orange

9. Kola Kube

10. Cola and Tropical joint tenth


So there you have it. It's worth pointing out that this top 10 is in order for the whole of the UK, there are regional variences. For example Iron Brew sells better in Scotland than it does in Cornwall and Kola Kube sells in particular convenience site, where there are a lot of school kids locally.


Best Selling Slush Syrup

The 2 slush syrup flavours that stand out are Blue Raspberry and Strawberry. 50% of entire sales are these two tasty flavours.


It's no suprise to us that Blue Raspberry slush syrup is our best seller. Technically it's a difficult flavour to get right. You may have experienced in the past if you have been tempted to buy cheap slush that this flavour can taste chemically.


We only use premium quality ingredients, real British sugar and with a heritage of concentrate manufacturing expertise. We are proud of our Blue Raspberry, try it for yourself, there isn't a better product available.