To be fair, we had two good weather months in 2012, March and May. from memory but slush has always been a 9 or 10 month season in the UK, with many customers selling it all year round.


After studying the detail, we believe we understand the great performance slush machines and slush syrup sales experienced in 2012. 



1. Our Reputation. We're an establish chilled drinks systems supplier and have built up an excellent reputation with savvy UK customers who demand great products and service and the right price and on the we have delivered for years so our core customer base keep coming back to us year after year.



2. Our Slush Machine Range. Plus ofcourse, other commercial equipment such as ice cream machines and milkshake makers. We believe that quality sells, and quality is good economy. Our slush machine range is best of class. We designed and engineered, our slush equipment is built to perform and to last. We are simply not tempted by the availability of 'cheap' imported slush machines from the far East, yes they may cost a few hundred pounds less for a twin tank machine, but with the poor design build and lack of parts and service available for them, we do not operate in this market. Also when you consider our slush machines on average pay for themselves in 50 days (usually with free slush syrup and cups we send with a machine sale), then the cost difference becomes irrelevant. Not forgetting our machines have an expected life of 10 years if well maintained. We know of the imported cheap slush machines lasting just 6 Months a some up to 3 years.



3. Our Slush Syrup. Once again quality sells. If you consider that you have now invested your money in a good quality slush machine, it\'s vital to use only high quality ingredients. The most expensive component of any syrup is the sugar and it\'s critical to keep the sugar content at the correct level (also know as brix content which is measured between 0 - 100, 90+ being a good level, our syrups measure 100). If the sugar levels are not correct then the product can and will put undue stress on the slush machine gearbox motors which introduces a risk of these parts to fail. Our slush syrup concentrate mix is premium and will retain its flavour and colour down to the last drop. With an approximate cost for a 200ml drink of 6p and selling for 65p-90p, reducing your syrup cost by a penny and using 'cheap slush syrup' may be considered as false economy.



4. Our Service. We pride ourselves on this point which covers our expertise in the sales process, speed of commercial equipment dispatch, speed of product sales deliveries which is express next day delivery and if the worst happens and you have a slush machine issue or niggle, we\'re here to deal with it for you, be it solution advice on the telephone, sending next day spare parts or engineer service. Our national engineers are on hand if a site call out is required.



So looking ahead into 2013, we are excited to have once again developed our commercial range by introducing new chilled and frozen equipment, including a new more affordable ice cream maker range and a sexy new smoothie blender brand. Our commitment to our customers continues to be focused on the right equipment, the right products, the right price all backed up with excellent and speedy service. We offer quality with value, that's our headline.